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There's no bad way to experience the Founders' Cup, but there are a few options! We can't wait to see you. To purchase tickets, head here.


General Admission

Once you're in, you'll be a part of the first wave of people to experience Surf Ranch firsthand. General Admission gets you through the doors – and whether you post up on the pool's railing, hang in the shaded art area, or check out the acoustic musical acts is up to you! Tickets are available for Saturday, Sunday, and all weekend.




Take it up a notch! A VIP ticket will land you in a shaded VIP area with premium views of the surfing action. All food and beverage - including alcohol for those interested and of age - is included. And you'll roll right up to the action with a VIP parking pass.



The Surf Ranch Experience

Don't just watch. Surf.

After an entire weekend of watching perfect waves, you'll get your chance to join the very short list of people who have surfed Kelly's miracle. The Surf Ranch Experience provides a one-hour surf session in the pool on Monday, May 7. You'll feel like the pros you just spent a weekend watching, with a personalized locker, coaching, and professional photo and video from land and water. The experience includes the full VIP package through the weekend, as well as some exclusive engagements.



Interested in hearing more? Email us for complete details!