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A Miracle Ten Years in the Making

WSL Surf Ranch is the longest open-barrel, man-made wave in the world. Let some of the best surfers on the planet loose on that and–well, we can't wait to see what happens next.

Check out what makes the wave special:


Kelly's Dream

When the curtain finally lifted on Kelly and WSL's secret project, it stopped everyone, including Kelly, in their tracks. You could describe it 100 different ways, but here's the simplest: perfect. 

Surfer Magazine editor Steve Hawk said it best: "A wave of that shape sits in the subconsciousness of every surfer in the world. That wave is exactly the fantasy wave I drew on the margins of my notebooks when I was in high school."


The Science

Our design took years of R&D, trial, error, and commitment. It pairs the look and feel of a natural wave with the control of a mechanical system, and features both barreling and high-performance sections.


The Result

Fireworks baby. The results speak for themselves. To see the wave with your own eyes is a revelation, and to be shown what's possible by the world's best is going to be amazing.


Every single wave is so much fun and challenging and nerve wracking.

–Stephanie Gilmore, Australian Six-Time World Champion