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Team vs. Team

Twenty-five of the world's best surfers will compete on region-based teams for the first time in WSL history. Each team will feature five surfers, two women and three men. Regional teams include: USA, Brazil, Australia, Europe and World Team.


Australia Team


"Founders' Cup is an incredible moment in the history of surfing."
– Stephanie Gilmore


Brazil Team


"It means a lot to me to represent Brazil, especially alongside surfers like Adriano and Silvana."
– Gabriel Medina


Europe Team


"So excited to be surfing for Team Europe. Let's hope the waves are gonna be good!"
– Leonardo Fioravanti


USA Team


"It's bigger than you, it creates this bigger goal."
– John John Florence on competing on the USA Team


World Team


"Being able to captain the World Team is a real honour. We are able to draw from a huge talent pool. It should be really exciting."
– Jordy Smith